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In-House Scientific Testing

Our head of scientific research has over 20 years of research, development, production, engineering of innovative materials for Environment, Geotechnical Ecology,  Infrastructure, Sustainable Energy, Industry, Building and  Biomedical Field. They have extensive expertise on compositional and functional evaluation of solid, liquids and gaseous materials, active and applied technical considerations and deepened analytical aspects both on general nanotechnology and on the mechanisms of growth, structure and morphology of inorganic synthetic nanotubes also in function of foreign ions, by using cutting-edge equipment in the field of electron microscopy.

Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge about the synthesis and characterization of chemical and structural nanomaterials containing inorganic silicon.

Currently our reseach team is working on synthesizing and characterizing new nano materials which can be used in nanotechnology as sensor, biosensors, solar cells, catalysis and nano (bio) materials for biomedical applications, thanks to  their important characteristics.  In recent years our team has investigated important aspects on biomineralization and, inspired by biogenic processes studies,  designs and develops new materials, with a biomimetic approach, paying particular attention to the study of the relationship between structure and crystal chemistry properties of the material. An important aspect of the research is the study of the properties of surfaces and therefore the study of the interface between crystalline / inorganic systems and the biological model.

Our research is carried out with a multidisciplinary approach, it stretches from biological systems to materials science as evidenced by scientific papers published in international journals.

In-House Scientific Datas: Text
In-House Scientific Datas: Video Player

Our In-House live test shows under Standard 3000K Warm White LED light TVOC level drops by over 60% in just 4 mins and under Natural Indoor Light TVOC level drops by over 30% in just 4 mins

In-House Scientific Datas: Text
In-House Scientific Datas: Welcome
In-House Scientific Datas: Welcome
In-House Scientific Datas: Welcome

Material Safety Data Sheet, ITALY

Pipetting Samples

Material Safety Data Sheet, HONG KONG

In-House Scientific Datas: Research
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